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Subcommittee Spotlight

Sub Spotlight

Home Safety Survey

Creating Safe Environments and Supportive Services for those with ASD Starts with a Survey

The Community Services for Children & Families Subcommittee recently surveyed parents and caregivers to tally common concerns families have when caring for a child diagnosed with ASD. Their hope is to better understand safety and security concerns in the home.

More than 200 parents and caregivers responded, giving the subcommittee a large amount of data on common concerns families have when caring for a child diagnosed with ASD.

Answers to the 13 questions revealed that families share mutual concerns on a daily basis like how often a child may wander off from the home or attempt to use unsafe items from the kitchen, bathroom or garage. One of the more startling statistics demonstrates that children and families often experience sleep deprivation.

The survey revealed that 57 percent of families are not sleeping consistently, and that many require supervision in order to get enough sleep.

The survey, open from July through October of last year, also showed that an average parent or caregiver often feels stressed about the safety of their child while they are giving care, revealing to the subcommittee that supports are not only needed for children with ASD, but for caregivers as well.

The survey’s results allow for the subcommittee to learn more about what essential services need to be provided and what strategies and modifications can be made. Sydney Shook, the subcommittee’s chairperson, says results also show that many parents are going through the same struggles and stresses everyday.

“We wanted to see actual data on the true stressors in the home” says Shook. “The goal is to open the eyes of those providing resources and services.”

To learn more about the survey results email us at staff@orcommissionasd.org

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