Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Our Values


To Respect

Recognize that autism is a natural part of the human experience, and that all people on the autistic spectrum can be contributing members of their communities given the right supports.



 To Recognize

That all individuals and their families have a right to receive information in accessible formats, communicate their needs and preferences, and participate in decisions concerning supports and services in education, the community, and employment.



To Support

Maintain high expectations for individuals and their families and provide the education, supports, services, and opportunities necessary to achieve a high quality of life.



To Ensure

Inclusive, meaningful, and safe participation in education, the community, and employment by:

  • Adapting physical and social environments
  • Providing communication support including assistive technology
  • Assuring that comprehensive and coordinated services are available to individuals and their families throughout the state


To Coordinate

The dynamic and changing needs of individuals and families through seamless coordination of services and resources



To Increase

The capacity of the community to meet the needs of individuals and their families by ensuring:

  • Appropriate and timely responses to meet the needs and goals of individuals and families
  • Quality pre-service and in-service professional development on best practices for educating and supporting individuals and their families
  • Long-term, system-wide perspective on the efficient and effective coordination of services and resources among individuals and families, with medical, educational, and human services providers