Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Contact Info     Call 24 Hours: 1.888.222.5847

Nancy Lawson, Commission Chairperson

For over 30 years, Nancy has been helping students fulfill their potential. Through collaboration with professionals in the education, medical, and legal fields she has developed a rich bank of resources and experiences which are being used to advance the success of children and young adults.
Embracing new research and evolving changes in special education, she works to make positive impacts on the lives of children and adults. Promoting high standards and leadership, she’s recognized as an expert in state and national associations. Families, school staff and legal representatives seek her guidance for professional development and program review.


SydneyShookSydney Shook

Position: 2 B, Parent of a Child with Autism

Term: Nov 2013-Oct 2015 Extended: Nov 2015-Oct 2017

Wanting to do more for families who experienced more complex support issues, Sydney became involved with The Arc as a volunteer and in 2011 was hired by The Arc Lane County as a Program Development Specialist and the Family Network coordinator. Her new role is co-founder and co-executive director of North Star Pathways, a new provider agency geared toward community employment outcomes for middle and high school youth.

Bradley J. Hendershott

Position: 12 D, Columbia Regional Program, PPS
Term: Apr 2017-Apr 2019

Brad Hendershott has twenty years of experience in school-based services for students with ASD, both as a speech-language pathologist providing direct services and as a licensed autism specialist providing training and coaching. Currently, he is a program administrator at Columbia Regional Program with responsibilities that include supervision of autism services. Brad teaches several autism courses at Portland State University, serves on the Behavior Analysis Regulatory Board (BARB), and is active with a number of statewide committees and initiatives.

MicheleRaddishMichele Radish, MD

Position: 6 E, Medical Community
Term: Nov 2013-Oct 2015, Extended

Dr. Michele Raddish is a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician at the Providence Neurodevelopmental Center for Children. She provides ongoing management and support for children and young adults impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Email: Michelle.Raddish@providence.org

Bruce Baker

Position: 11 G, Oregon Dept of Human Services (DHS)
Term: Apr 2013-Mar 2015, Extended Apr 2017-Mar 2019

Bruce Baker, MS, has been Manager of Children’s Services for the I/DD system in Oregon since 2009. Prior to that, Bruce had over 20 years’ experience developing supports for children and families across child-serving systems including mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice and education.

Corey Stump

Position: 1 H, Advocacy Group-Mental Health

Term: Apr 2017-Apr 2019

Corey is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and the Clinical Director for Footprints Behavioral Interventions, a service provider of Applied Behavior Analysis services in the state of Oregon. As a representative for the Mental Health community, Corey dedicates her professional and personal endeavors to helping those in need gain access to needed services while advocating Autism awareness and education across Oregon.

LisaDarnoldLisa Darnold

Position: 9 J, Oregon Department of Education (ODE)
Term: Nov 2013-Oct 2015, Extended

Lisa Darnold has been an educator for over 30 years and is the Student Services Director in the Sherwood School District. Before her current role she was the principal at Reynolds and Knappa School Districts, Special Education Director at the Beaverton School District and a Special Education Teacher in the Sherwood and Hillsboro School Districts.

Email:  lisa.darnold@state.or.us  Phone: 503-947-5786.