Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Education Focus Group

 Education circleComprehensive educational system planning for children and youth with ASD


  • Recommend core components and appropriate services for children eligible for ASD services in Oregon
  • Collaborate with the Community Services for Adults with ASD Subcommittee in planning for transition age students with ASD.
  • Conduct ongoing reviews of current evidenced-based educational interventions
  • Recommend opportunities for statewide training at all levels of service
  • Collaborate with higher education on the preparation and recommendations of ASD Specialists
  • Recommend competencies for other professionals implementation of Statewide ASD Educational Services

Upcoming Meetings:


Next Meeting: TBD

Location: Willamette Education Service District 2611, Pringle Road SE, Salem, OR 97302


Upcoming 2016 Meeting Dates: TBD


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Chair: Brad Hendershott

Subcommittee Members: Annette Skowron, Mary Apple, Joel Arick, Mickey Pardew, Ruth Falco, Sharon Lohse, Susan Holmberg, Lisa Darnold, Marilyn Nerresan, Linda Brown